Friday, August 27, 2010

It is fine to learn to carve like other carvers and using their patters to create a great carving, but in time, change to your style with that pattern to create your own work of art. This simple Old World Santa carving started from a video I have used over ten years ago. I first copied the pattern, style and form that the instructor had taught. The results were great and I began to use that pattern to create more Old World Santas much like that. As I got bored using the same style over and over again I decided to change a little here and a little there. I have also made discoveries as how to make the carving simpler, making a few short cuts and still end up with a good looking carving. I’ve changed the paint color and paint pattern to create an ever more interesting design. In time, the carving will take shape and becomes your own.

Some time ago I bumped into an old copy of Chip Chats and seen the advertisement of his video. It was from the old video I stated to make my Old World Santas from The ad showed a picture of the creator and many of the Old World Santas creations shown on the video. I was shocked to find that if you were to compare my carvings to his you would not be able to make the connection between his and mine. I was amazed at how much of a transformation that took place through out the years had now made my Old World Santas truly my own. Keep changing, creating and reforming until you have your own true design and masterpiece.